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From Africa To Slavery
The Geography of Africa
The Early Ancient Kingdoms of Africa
Africa Before The Slave Trade
Portuguese Explorations
Middle Passage
Upon Arrival
Slavery in Latin America
A group project brought to you by students at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Contributors to this page include Michael Walker, Sunny Byrd, Danielle Porter, Laquanda Davis, Alestia Evans, and Shiquitla Thigpen.

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        This website is brought to you by students in the African American Survey class at the University of Southern Mississippi. Our goal is to provide the viewer with good basic information about the history of slave trade.  This website takes the viewer through the journey from Africa's ancient kingdoms to the harsh reality of colonial slavery.

Enslaved Female, Eastern Sudan, 1871

Georg Schweinfurth, The Heart of Africa [translated by Ellen Frewer], (New York, 1874), vol. 2, facing p. 420


Iron Shackles Used in Slave Trade

Published in Anthony Tibbles (ed.), Transatlantic Slavery: Against Human Dignity (London: HMSO, 1994), p. 154, fig. 140.