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Early African Civilizations


Early African Civilizations
The Early Ancient Kingdoms of Africa
Affect of Islam on African Civilizations
Internal Slavery within Slavery
Getting there
Slavery in Latin America
Upon Arrival
From Africa To Slavery


Egypt (3100)

                    Egypt is known as Africas greatest civilization. One author coins Egypt as the gift of the Nile River. Egypt was the center exchange for the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf.



Ancient Nubian and Kush

               About three years ago, Egypt gained the civilization of the Nubis. Nubia and its various subcultures also served as channel of transmission for both African and Eurasian civilizations. The Nubia civilizations grew from agriculture, fishing, and hunting. The success of Nubia society created the city-state of Kerma. Kerma flourished with extreme wealth and power.

                        Nubias counterpart Egypt saw the importance of Nubias Power and wealth. About three thousand years, Egypt conquered Nubia. The Kush became the new Nubia city-state under Egyptian control. The Kush reigned superior over the land for twenty-five years.





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