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Portuguese Explorations


The Geography of Africa
The Early Ancient Kingdoms of Africa
Africa Before The Slave Trade
Portuguese Explorations
Middle Passage
Upon Arrival
Slavery in Latin America
From Africa To Slavery

Trade Race

Portugal's explorations in trade routes


       About five hundred years ago, Moorish forces invaded and control portions of Portuguese and Spanish lands. About fifteen century, the Portuguese and the Spanish kings regain most of their land from Moors. Through the Reconquest, a segment of The Crusades, they wanted to accomplish great political, economic, and religious power.

             For years, the Portuguese has been jealous of Africa's massive riches, and Africa's fertile and rich soil. The Portuguese wanted two things. First, they wanted to bypass Moroccan ports by navigations along the west coast. Secondly, they wanted alternate trades routes to Asia to bypass the Arabs in the Mediterranean. These routes could provide great riches.  Furthermore, They based their navigational campaigns on religion. The Moorish invasion weakened the hold of the Islamic faith and this created a path for the Christian faith.

 In the fifth century, Portugal royal house goals were to maintain sea explorations, conquest, and colonization. In 1415, the Portuguese ventured across north Morocco and they site up port in Ceuta.  In mid-century, The Portuguese  was regularly trading with Upper Guinea. The Portuguese brought back such riches as: slaves, ivory, hides beeswax, and gold. This lead the way to the Atlantic Slave Trade.


 This map is the courtsey of  The Essential America (2001)