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The Geography of Africa
The Early Ancient Kingdoms of Africa
Africa Before The Slave Trade
Portuguese Explorations
Middle Passage
Upon Arrival
Slavery in Latin America
From Africa To Slavery

Timeline of Slavery

From 3100 B.C.E to 1888 C.E.


3100 BCE: Egypt is Unified

332 BCE:  Greeks Conquer Egypt

  30 BCE:  Romans Conquer Egypt


640 CE: Islam Enters Egypt

1482 CE: Portuguese Build Fort Almina in Ghana to buy slaves and gold

1456-1461:  West Africans accept peaceful trade with Portugal

1479 CE: Spanish allow Portuguese to supply slaves in the Treaty of Alcacovas

1494 CE: Spain Establishes Colonies in Hispaniola

1502 CE: First Slave Introduced into Hispaniola

1516 CE: First Caribbean sugar mill erected in Hispaniola

1777 CE: Vermont Constitution is the first to outlaw slavery

1780 CE: Pennsylvania is the first state to begin gradual emancipation

1787 CE: United States Constitution recognizes and protects slavery

1793 CE: Fugitive Slave Act & Improved Cotton Gin increases plantation


1803 CE: Danes abolish slave trade.  This is the first modern nation to ban

               Slave trade

1807 CE: British & U.S. nationals banned from slave trade

1808 CE: U.S.A. outlaws slave importation

1831 CE: French slave trade suppressed

1845 CE: Spanish forbids slave trade by nationals

1860 CE: Election of Lincoln causing the southern states to secede

1861-1865:  U.S.A.  Civil War

1863 CE: Emancipation proclamation

1865 CE: The Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution outlaws slavery in

               The United States.

1867 CE: The last slave ship arrives in Cuba marking the end of the Middle


1886 CE:  Slavery ends in Cuba

1888 CE: Slavery ends in Brazil